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My Story

I’m Anthony Boden. My passion for energy started in school and following my studies in high energy physics I began my career in the industry. I worked for a large German energy giant for over 10 years and enjoyed learning about how the electricity and wider energy system works. Now I work at an economic consultancy firm and am pleased to be able to work across the industry with companies and organisations that are addressing the energy transition head on.

I often get asked what I do and this blog allows me to share some of my personal thoughts and learnings. In a previous iteration in 2016, this site also had a home CO2 calculator to estimate based on the type of house, energy supply lifestyle and number of cars how many tonnes of CO2.

Excitingly, after thinking about my own house’s environmental impact, I have just lived through an interesting chapter of my own story having renovated my home employing as many energy conscious technologies and practices as possible. I have written 6 posts about my experiences which you can read below:

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