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How Electricity Changed the Home

Gismos and gadgets

If your home has been equipped with the modern electronically worked labour saving devices, you can live just as luxuriously and lazily as the man who kept half a dozen personal servants lived before electricity was properly understood

Wonder book of electricity

This quote and pictures below from the Wonder Book of Electricity published at the start of the twentieth century. It highlights just how transformative electricity was. This revolution happened very quickly and in parallel to unparalleled improvements in quality of life for the population and led to dramatic changes to the home. Many tasks were simplified or automated from cooking to washing and cleaning freeing time for study, other work and leisure. We are currently in the midst of another revolution. New smart appliances are transforming the way we live; find out more in theĀ new age of appliances story.

From the hot-air distributer and vacuum cleaner through to the electric breakfast table consisting of a coffee percolator, toaster and warming plate everyday tasks were simplified and quickened by these new electronic devices. As soon as you left the home your life was simplified in many other area of life. As early as 1878, you could see a football match at night with the help of floodlights (with the Wanderers playing Clapham Rovers on 4th November by electric floodlight). Your car became increasingly electrified with ideas such as heated steering wheels implemented as early in the 20th Century. Your car could also now be washed in minutes with the help of electric pumps that helped car wash stations set up.

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