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Welcome to Energy Story – a collection of stories, photos, and insights from across the global energy transition. As we stand at the cusp of an unprecedented era of change and investment, I want to share with you both the stunning images I’ve captured and the compelling narratives I’ve uncovered. From the heart of renewable innovation to the echoes of our electric past, Energy Story explores the riveting journey of energy through time. Head over to the Blog to read more.

Each story is a small glimpse into the monumental transformations taking place as we reimagine our energy landscape. The objective here is not just to discuss, but to inspire – because amidst the ceaseless activity and the far-reaching implications, there is an abundance of motivation and excitement.

So, whether we’re delving into the annals of our energy history or illuminating a corner of the future electric revolution, Energy Story promises to energise. I invite you to join me on this journey, for the story of energy is, ultimately, the story of us all. Read about my story and my own energy transition.

Here are a collection of some of the recent blogs published.

  • Edison and the Dawn of Electric Power

    Edison and the Dawn of Electric Power

  • Nuclear Energy: Powerful Controversy

    Nuclear Energy: Powerful Controversy

  • The Unexpected Journey of Electric Cars

    The Unexpected Journey of Electric Cars

  • Nuclear Fusion: The Next Frontier

    Nuclear Fusion: The Next Frontier

  • Coal


  • High Voltage!

    High Voltage!

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